All problems that arise with inner life I call Mood Disorders (MD).
In my opinion at least half of society in North America suffers on MD. Below I provide you access to statistics that shows only tip of the iceberg. All depends how you define things and classify. In order to look good you may stretch reality to make is sounds good.
Why? I am not sure… However, ask yourself how often are you down and how much you suffer… so you will know how we are doing.
For sure we are talking about 10% of population which is a lot and very costly for the system.  I believe that MD is second biggest health problem after heart issues. So it is huge!
The purpose of this site is to help all of these who suffer MD. I am sure that it won’t be 100% cure for everyone but I am sure also that it will change quality of life everyone who will use Active Meditations in their journey on this beautiful planet of ours.
What is Active Meditation?
Everything what I designed and published by me on net is part of it. How things looks, sound and taste on our side is part of the process. Finally you have specific exercises that are posted under icon here named Active Mediations.
We based our method on quality of mind that is called brain plasticity.
Brain plasticity means that your brain it is a construction in process. It is not like that you are born and this determine you for whole your life. With practice you can change who you are and how you react with the world.
How can you change that?
You can do it by reacting with the world in a specific way, in a way that is presented to you here.
Simply by watching and listening material that is posted here 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening you will change how your mind/brain is function.
You will need 1 month to experience significant results in quality of your life. With time State of Radiance will become your natural state so you won’t need to be dependent on this site.
My motivation is purely to help since I know what means to have MD. I know how I hated it when others wanted to help me and were repeating that they understand and all will be good. I just hated! I thought also that there is no end to the pain…
However, I was able to pull myself up and I am doing quite well for at least last 10 years so…
I hope you will find this useful.
Useful Links:
Statistic of Mood Disorders in USA -> Click Here

Statistic of Mood Disorders in Canada -> Click Here

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