Enjoy and depression will go away…

How to be happy if nothing helps:-
Enjoy every moment of the journey like there is no tomorrow. Enjoy everything. Whatever comes, just take it and enjoy it. Deeply, sincerely, truly – down to the bones. Don’t think too much. Just enjoy it. All is good. Whatever shape, color, feeling. Just enjoy it. There is no other way. Believe me. There is no other way!
It can sound strange in the beginning, but if you would read this carefully to the end, I hope you would see through my point and understand as to why I believe enjoying everything is the right approach. You can say I can not. I can not do that. I have too much. I am not able to switch. I am not able to enjoy anything now or I can not enjoy what makes me feel bad. Yes, I understand that.  But, as I said – I think there is no other way to get better.
When you go down you should bring yourself up as fast as possible.
I know it is easy to say but how to do that?
First, you should claim proper understanding of situations.
When something bad happens to you, at that moment that is how you should think about it, “This has already happened. I can not undo it. It is so bad that it brings me down but feeling bad about it would make me even worse.”
Feeling bad about what happened it would not help at all, rather it would be quite the opposite. Therefore, the best way to deal with the problem is to relax and bring oneself up and next to seek for solutions.
If there is no solution, still feeling bad about it would not help it would make things worse. If nothing could be done about it, no need to worry. If something could be done, then for sure, no need to worry.
You should understand that being down does not help. I know as well that still you could be down.
Second, and it might be hard to swallow but you have to start to enjoy it. I mean enjoy whatever happened – even if it was bad  but if you want, rise up and there is nothing that would help you to accomplish it, you have to start to enjoy it.  
How do you do that? You keep repeating to yourself, “It is OK, whatever, I like it, does not bother me at all, I would go over it, well, it is good, all is good, I love it, I really do, it could be worse, many people undergo worst situations but still are OK, well I am still alive, just live, I love it anyway, fantastic, I love it.”
The whole wisdom behind it is that you have to lift yourself up.
Well, I believe that mind becomes “you” by the way what you keep inside it. You can program and re-program your mind. How? By simply enjoying all verbally. As results of it you would or at least should feel good and healthy – no matter what come across on your path. Hm… I know, it sounds strange.
For example :- If you start storing some sad stuff in your mind, you would become sad and depressed. If you do the opposite, you would become happy. It is a process but it works. You can transform your mind settings by pushing positive and good thoughts into your mind. Creating happy thoughts, even if you don’t feel like it. I am sure, you can balance bad thoughts by good and positive ones.
It is tough when you do that initially. It could feel artificial and might sound stupid or weird. But when you become good at it, I mean when you practice that a bit, you can get better and better. Finally, you should start feeling better.
After enjoying whatever comes and transforming it into positive you should become happy and healthy. And the most important when you will see that it works you really start to believe in it what you are saying. So, when next time you go down this verbal method  should lift you up quickly.
It seems to be a bit awkward.
You can ask, “How can I enjoy something that is really bad?” But honestly, I don’t see any other way to become happy again when you are down and there is neither anything outside in the real world nor inside you that can help. You have to work with what you have and make it positive. Basically, you have to cheat yourself a little in the beginning of the process. Put as many good thoughts as possible – besides the bad thoughts.
The best if you could: find something truly good and positive inside or outside. Something in what you can really believe in and make that stronger by focusing on that positive.
However, if there is nothing out there or inside you that you can be happy about, you have to start believing first in lies. Trust me I promise, you will see the change and mood improvement  even if you will start works with lies. In the end you would begin totally believe in what you are saying because you will experience an improvement.
Through easy practice of uplifting words and trying to believe in them sincerely you would eventually create feelings and connect them with words. Next when something bad happens and you again tend to go down, you should use your words and bring feelings connected with them, balance bad down trend and move up again.
I am fully aware that it might sound a bit off. But that is how it works in my world. Sure, it is not perfect but it works here and I don’t see anything better at the moment. If you do, Please let me know. I would love to hear how do you deal with your problems.
I will repeat one more time!!!
When you felt down or you are down all the time you should  start to enjoy it and after a bit of practice, you should be able to bring yourself up and sustain at that level. Of course, don’t go overboard in outside world but if you can enjoy your inside fully, madly, like crazy, with no barriers. Surrender yourself completely to the process.
What is the other scenario? You go down. There is nothing that could bring you up. Nothing outside or inside. You stay there. As long as you stay there that bad will become.  You create the pattern and the pattern creates the pattern and you are there forever. You create tradition and habit of pain and suffering. The vicious circle in which you will look for any reason to ensure and explain to yourself about why you are suffering and keep going that way. And you know well that there is a lot of reasons out there to feel unhappy. Don’t stay down!!! Don’t allow yourself to do that. Otherwise it will always be with you.
We are living now in a so called Dark Age. Suffering and pain and injustices are all what we see in abundance everywhere each day. It is the nature of Dark Age. It would remain here for a long time and we can not do much about it. We can work hard every minute to change that. Many great people do that on a daily basis. I salute them for that. A lot of good is being done and wonderful things are happening every second, but still this is the tip of the iceberg. For a long time, darkness would overshadow the light and not much can be done about that. Dark Age. But still we can shine even with no glare out there. We have the power to create a light by ourselves and the light is the most visible during the darkest night!
Create light within is to enjoy all – whatever is happening to you.
So far, it was more about inside and what to do, if there is nothing out there that can lift you up when your inside is dark.
However, it is not always that bad and when there is something in the world that I find fascinating, I go for it. Life is short, very short and when it is over, only what we know for sure that it is over. It is difficult these days to find something to make one happy. But, if you see any bright spot anywhere, just go for it. Never step back. Just jump into the deepest water in order to explore the opportunity. Go for everything that has potentials to inspire you, brighten you, lift you up. Go for it madly, completely with no hesitations and any concerns. Give it all!  And going with no breaks for whatever you think and feel is worth it, I think is the right approach.
It does not make any sense to be here and suffer. Even if suffering is your way to happiness, still at the end of the day – you want to be happy. It does not make sense to give up on life. If you are already here, just make the best of it. Forget about all the philosophies. If this does not make you happy, you do not need that. There is only one philosophy: We are here to be happy. I hope that you being happy would make others happy too. But if not, then who cares. Just go for it. I am sure that in the end you would get it and make yourself as well as others glorious. Go crazy. Go for it and embrace it. You have the power to make your life as best as possible. Just enjoy whatever comes. All is good.
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