Daily Routine One

Harvest Moon Panorama (Sept 09)
Daily routine is something what you should have… So in case of down time you can apply it and you will not get lost in daily traffic.
However, life is the best when is spontaneous. You don’ wish to become like a cyborg or blame yourself that you are not making it. So please have your routine but don’t become slave of it. Find the right balance. If you need it use it. This will allow you to keep your mind intact – safe and secure.
Evan if you are falling apart you keep frame of mind in from of your routine so you know how to surf thought hard time. Other than that be free – nothing taste better than freedom.
*    *    *
Wake up Time – between 6.00 am 9.00 am (earlier than better but all depends what time you went sleep. You have to sleep at least 6 hours and max 9 hours. More than 9 hours of sleep will make you more tried and miserable than less.)
Morning Gymnastic – between 15 minutes up to 45 minutes. You can do movement exercise included Tay Chi or lifting weights or simply stationary bike versus run way. Please remember ventilate well your room after night and do your practice with open window but try not to get sick!
Morning Toilet – could be shower or the best bath maximum 15 minutes
Morning Walk – maximum 1 hour it can be prelude with first cup of coffee. You can do breakfast shopping if story is in the walking distance
Breakfast Time maximum 1 hour (shortly healthy menus)
Quite time – checking messages ext. 1 hour
Clean up time – 1 hour
Home activates up to moon and launch time
Launch time.
Creative Time up to 4 o clock pm and dinner time
Dinner time
Quite time – the best combine with half an hour walk or work around house
Entertainment time – from 6.00 pm up to 10.00 pm. You can visit our sites or do other form of fun.
Evening Exercise – no more than 30 minutes
Evening Toilet
Sleep Time – around midnight
This routine can be used also with regular work day activities out of home.  Basically you do morning stuff go to work and next do after.

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